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Website Design & Developent

website design

How we create effective websites?

Often your customers first experience of your company is through your website, you need to make it count. You have 5 seconds to keep a new visitor on your website. We're here to make sure your visitors not only stay longer, but also turn into customers.

We create beautiful engaging experiences for your customers. We don't use cookie-cutter templates and we don't fit your site into a pre-existing design. All our sites are designed from scratch.

  • Research, strategy and Planning
  • Your business theme and website requirements
  • Web standards and modern trends
  • Most importantly, your website users
website design and development

User Experience and web page Interactions

Once we’ve completed the research phase, we work with you to develop a detailed design specification. This spec acts as a written description of each page of the website, how various items interact with one another, and establishes the look and feel of the website. This document serves as a sort of design bible throughout the development process, keeping our developers focused on the design that you’ve envisioned.

The final step in our design process is a detailed prototype. Based on the design specifications, our prototypes are built to allow you to see what we’ve described in the specs. This helps us understand how everything comes together, easily identify any missing components or inefficiencies, and at times even spurs further thought as to how the finished product could better support your business goals.

Our Process

Step 1


Project Analysis, Consultation and Research

Step 2


Wireframes, Design Concepts, Revisions and Finalisation

Step 3


XHTML/CSS, Content Integration, Programming code for custiom requirements

Step 4


Testing the final project, delivery and support.